Cloudflare 521 520 fix error - Domain not open without www - How do I fix error code 522?

Today's article is very important for people who are blogging and when setting up cloudflare dns error occurs Cloudflare 521 error This problem does not occur and their website does not open without www or if Even if it is being opened, they get this error. The problem is that when your website is not open without www, that is, if you do not put www next to the domain name of your website, then this website is not open. Cloudflare 522 error or cloudflare 521 error is shown on your website and your website is not open. # 1: Cloudflare 522 Error or Website Not working without www Cloudflare 521 Error Domain Not Open Without www As I told you above, you get this error when your website does not open without www . Here this error comes when your website does not have a secure connection, which means you do not have SSL certificate. on or did not redirect domain when you buy domain from any website and they do not give you that ssl certificate you can also get ssl certificate for free